The contemporary nursecall system that is designed for the users.

BXO Vidar is a new generation of alarm systems based on new technology and new ideas, such as mRadio™ and open source hardware. Vidar is perfect for nursing homes, assisted living and hospitals with 10 or more beds/residents. There is no upper limit to the number of devices that can be connected.

Vidar med display och knappar
Vidar med knappar
Vidar med NFC

Vidar - The Open Platform

Vidar is a platform designed to interface accessories from many suppliers. As far as we know, this makes it unique. We call this mRadio™.

Does this sound like an interesting concept for your customers? Do you know a vendor of wireless devices who would like to expand their market by accessing our user base? Contact us!


  • All configuration done in a GUI on a PC
  • Supports mRadio™, multiple vendor accessories
  • Unobtrusive alarm distribution to smartphones, DECT, computers etc
  • Logging and statistics
  • Alarms can be routed only to the staff members they concern
  • Support for displays ("obtrusive" alarms)
  • Zone level radio positioning
  • BXO IRID - alarms with room level indoor positioning and identification
  • Can be integrated with NFC and alarm management via BXO wPager, WiFi
  • Can use a TCP/IP backbone.


  • Self-configuring and self-monitoring
  • Easy-to-use graphical user interface
  • Fast alarm handling
  • Remote management and remote support
  • mRadio™, cooperative radio receivers for maximum coverage and many different accessories (Visonic PowerCode, Phoniro Systems and/or Climax Technologies)
  • Vidar also supports IR (infrared) and ultrasound transmitters
  • Complete system or OEM component
  • A wide range of add-ons and accessories available


Wether you're responsible for keeping the site running or the one who's to provision the system, you'll find the graphical interface very useful. Locally or remotely, you can see the current status of all devices as well as being able to audit or change their configuration. You can see the current firmware version, bus voltages and a lot more.

The Vidar bus is self configuring, meaning there's no need to keep track of slave addresses as in traditional bus systems. If you disconnect a device from one bus and connect to another, it will work without any fuzz.

Inputs and outputs are completely under your control. There are 4 I/O's on each device and you decide wether it's an input or an output. It makes no difference on which device the I/O is situated, you can still tie it to any event or alarm in the system.


Your installer have worked quickly and installed door magnets on all resident's doors. Unfortunately, some of them are NC and other NO. No worries - with a few mouse clicks you can easily invert the function.



The basis of improvement is to know how well you're doing and where the improvement is actually needed. Once you have the facts, you know what to improve.

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Since all technical systems sooner or later will experience difficulties, monitoring as well as a plan to deal with problems are crucial. With BXO LAS you can monitor all your systems from a single platform. See also our new service StatusMonitor.


BXO Vidar is available in several versions, with and without display or as a pure NFC solution. If you want some of this and some of that - no problem, you can mix as you wish, and the solution is fully scalable.

  • Vidar NFC - a system without classical room units!
  • Vidar standard room unit
  • Vidar with display
  • Vidar with speech - speech as an independent add-on with the unique feature xBACK

The Vidar platform can be:

  • locally installed
  • hosted at a data centre
  • used as a cloud service

Additional Services 

The smartphone is not limited to merely managing alarms. It can also be used as a tool to record all events and activites. Through integration with third party systems, support can also be added for:
- "Senior alert" (Swedish fall prevention programme)
- administering medication
- weight check-ups
- nutrition
- physiotherapy


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