Secure Notification Service

A better way to deliver notifications to smartphones

BXO Secure Notification Service is a solution for delivering notifications to mobile devices in a secure and reliable manner. Unlike the common cloud based services, it can be hosted locally for uninterrupted service, independent of internet access.

Delivering notifications in real time to smartphones is not easy - the big smartphone companies have created cloud services to help developers deliver chat messages, Twitter and Facebook notifications to your phone. Worryingly, some people use the same technology for alarms. An alarm from an elderly person in a nursing home to a staff member's handset on the other side of the wall can travel across continents, along thousands of miles of cable, heaps of servers, routers, switches and other kinds of network equipment before it gets to its destination.

BXO has over 10 years of experience distributing alarms to mobile devices - we started before the iPhone existed - and through the years we have gathered invaluable knowledge within this field and many customers who expect that alarms are delivered from point A to point B no matter what happens in the outside world. We have named our solution BXO Secure Notification Service.

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Local server or cloud service

Key Features

Minimize the risk of service interruptions by minimizing the number of nodes that the signal has to pass and minimizing the attack surface.

Reduce the risk of leaking information by keeping the communication local when it can be. Of course, we also encrypt everything.
How can you be certain that nobody has tampered with the info? The risk is lower if doesn't travel further than necessary. Encryption and cryptographic authentication also helps.

Why use BXO Secure Notification Service?

Our solution is built with awareness of information security.

BXO Secure Notification Service can be used locally, within your own network, independent of external services.
We don't sell your information or data to third parties or use it for targeted advertising. It is point-to-point encrypted.