Local Alarm Solution

LAS is our system integration platform, a powerful and flexible control system.

Local Alarm Solution is a control system for alarm management, system integration and messaging. It integrates a wide range of alarm systems and alarm paging technologies. To put it simply - we manage alarms, from anything to anything!






With BXO LAS as your integration platform, you can choose from many different hardware suppliers and break free from vendor lock-in! You choose the parts of the system, LAS only processes the alarms and distribute them to the equipment of your choice - smartphone, TETRA, DECT, display or computer - it's all up to you!

We can integrate most commonly used alarm protocols, like ESPA 4.4.4, SOS Access, Modbus, etc, etc.

We have no vested interest in affecting your choice of equipment or suppliers, we consider ourselves to be a third party integrator and facilitator.


LAS features interfaces for a large and gradually increasing number of different systems.

Do you want to implement LAS, but lack a specific interface?  Contact us for a cost estimate!

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Built-in backup service

LAS can continously back up it's data to an external cloud service, hosted and mirrored between a number of secure data centres, among them the nuclear bunker Pionen, deeply buried in the bedrock beneath Stockholm. There's also a tool for taking manual backups and of course to restore them.


Don't underestimate the value of statistics and reports. BXO LAS gives you plenty of tools to get a view of the current status or to discover trends.

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Record Registry

A generic database for anything from home care customers to workshop machines. The registry stores and presents information for alarms, for example action plans, pictures, documents, map links or links to CCTV cameras.


LAS comes with a Site Map feature that can be used to present alarms on a building map etc. It's also possible to integrate online maps like Google Maps.

System monitoring

Since all technical systems sooner or later will experience difficulties, monitoring as well as a plan to deal with problems are crucial. With BXO LAS you can monitor all your systems from a single platform.


Software that is no longer being developed slowly fades away. Because of this, we put a lot of effort into creating a flexible and stable platform that can cope with change. We work with modern tools and technologies for software design.


  • Logging, statistics and control is the foundation of LAS
  • Supports mobile alarm management
  • SiteMap - visualize alarms on building plans etc
  • Network support with unlimited number of operator seats
  • Can be connected to Google Maps, Bing etc
  • Sound module, play back sounds on alarm
  • Programmable Parser - an easily adaptable module to integrate any system with printer output
  • Open scripting interface for customization and extensibility
  • Powerful report generator for statistics and reports

System solutions

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