TETRA alarm management

Alarms sent into LAS can also be distributed to TETRA terminals. LAS can also process incoming SDS messages from terminals.

Solutions for TETRA

We create solutions for integration and messaging between almost everything, and this includes TETRA. Our control system BXO LAS is cabintegrate TETRA terminals with all the other systems it supports.

From anything to TETRA

From TETRA to anything


For whom?

  • Manufacturing industry
  • Mining operations
  • Home care - receive nursecall alarms

Alarm management

  • Alarm distribution to TETRA terminals and digital PMR
  • Alarm transmitters for TETRA and digital PMR
  • Alarm transmitter with speech support for TETRA
  • Alarm management and integration


  • Sending/broadcasting free text messages
  • Sending/broadcasting predefined messages
  • BXO WMI - messaging from web interface or PC client