Find errors before the customer notices

LAS 6 provides you with the tools you need to create new services and generate additional sales. With LAS 6 you get monitoring tools that previously have only been available to large network operators. And you get it right there in your smartphone.

Your own NOC with LAS - get notified of faults before your customer notices them

NOC (Network Operations Center) used to a resource only available to large network operators. The task for a NOC is to monitor the status, locate faults and to some extent also trouble-shoot and provide support.

Med LAS 6 och tjänsten StatusMonitor skaffar du dig stenkoll på dina anläggningar. Stora som små anläggningar kan hanteras och det finns gränssnitt för vårdsektor, fastighet och industri.

LAS 6 och tjänsten StatusMonitor ger möjlighet till:

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