211008 BXO LAS is based on blockchain technology

What can we learn from block chain technology in alarm management and system integration?

Adding blockchain features to BXO LAS has brought many advantages.

Back in 2016, when we released BXO LAS 7.0, we transitioned away from old school SQL databases to a new event sourced model that was originally created for high volume financial transactions. Information is stored as a sequence of blocks in an append-only cryptographically secured journal. 

This helps ensure that the data cannot be tampered with. It has also resulted in total and guaranteed traceability.

Other benefits include improved reliability and a nearly four orders of magnitude improvement in alarm processing speeds.

It was also a necessary step towards being able to introduce distributed consensus support in LAS 8.0. This allows for features such as remote real-time replication (#RRTR) and automatic failover.


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