170906 New LAS release with many new features

LAS 7.5 has just been released. The new release features a new web interface, support for indoor positioning, SNMP and a few new integrations. 

The support for cameras has been improved. It is now possible to schedule reminders for staff to view the camera stream at certain times.

The Web User Interface now has a comletely new look. It is "mobile first" and "responsive", meaning it's specifically designed to be used on small screen devices such as smartphones, but will automatically adapt to remain usable on a bigger device like a PC. It has support for multiple languages.

A new DataPoint was added: CobsATrax. With it, you can integrate the A4U2 range of wireless devices from COBS.

Indoor positioning via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) beacons. Eddystone-UID and Eddystone-TLM is supported.

The new SNMP DataPoint can be used to monitor network equipment like switches, routers, access points etc. LAS can also generate "traps" that can be received by other monitoring software.

Other news include improved support for CareTech System 5000, NEC G966 WiFi/DECT smartphone and new server extensions.